Tips to Bust The 5 Time Management Myths

Ask any successful lifestyle entrepreneur the secret to his or her success and “excellent time management skills” will at least make their top five. But there can be many miscalculations about how to take charge of your time. As you scramble for time mastery, you may be falling into these six myths about what it… [Continue Reading]

Is Your Life Or Business Headed for a Breakthrough or a Breakdown?

OBGyn Christine Northrup, M.D adopts a non-traditional, holistic view of women’s health. She describes the different ways women can approach their menstrual cycles and the outcome – good or bad – that manifests when they reach menopause. She believes that PMS symptoms are the natural way the mind, body, and soul connect and communicate. For… [Continue Reading]

5 Ways To Understand The Psychology of Your Buyer

I’ve always been, to some degree, out of sync with the mainstream culture. Being out-of-step felt like a good thing, like an important distinction that comes with following Christ. The recent Black Friday mania and me being out-of-loop signaled another way the dominant culture has moved away from Christian principles. Earlier in the week my… [Continue Reading]

5 Steps to Attracting Everything You Want in Your Biz and Personal Life

I’m captured by the buzz about “manifesting” your dreams, particularly when you see the results reaped by people who’ve mastered the process. Manifesting is about bringing into being that which does not currently exist. It’s about having a vision that becomes a reality. Manifesting isn’t some new age phenomena. The word manifesting or manifest is… [Continue Reading]