5 Steps to Attracting Everything You Want in Your Biz and Personal Life

manifesting I’m captured by the buzz about “manifesting” your dreams, particularly when you see the results reaped by people who’ve mastered the process.

Manifesting is about bringing into being that which does not currently exist. It’s about having a vision that becomes a reality.

Manifesting isn’t some new age phenomena. The word manifesting or manifest is mentioned roughly 35 times in the Bible.

I’ve personally gotten full swing into manifesting my work and personal big picture vision. Some days I get so into it that I worry that I’m living in a fantasy world.

But manifesting isn’t so woo-woo. It really is about understanding how our brain and our emotions operate and working with them, not against them.

Our brain and our body are highly sophisticated instruments. Humanity uses such a small percentage of what our bodies and minds are actually capable of. The manifestation process begins to crack the code to our potential to create whatever it is in our personal and business life that God has put in our hearts.

If you want to start manifesting good in your life, start with these steps.

1. Know what you want

This can be a challenge for Christians or anyone who puts filters on what they think they should or shouldn’t want. If you are trying to manifest something different than what you really want, you lose the magic. You have to listen to your heart, but you can’t do so blindly.  As Christians, the more well formed and spiritually mature we are, the more what we want is in alignment with what God wants for us.  So often getting in tune with what you truly desire in your heart begins with growing in your faith life.

2. Attract what you want 

If what you really know is more about what you don’t want, the process back-fires as well.  To manifest you must have and be working towards a positive vision. To manifest what we want, we must oftentimes actually become what we want to manifest.  For example, if you want to manifest a certain kind of romantic partner, you must know what qualities that partner has and develop those yourself. Same thing with your business—if you want prosperity, you must have the habits of abundance.

3. Allow what you want

We’re in a culture that tells us to charge ahead and take action. But often the most powerful manifesting occurs when we simply get out of the way or remove obstacles and open ourselves up to what is ahead.

4. Believe it will come

Doubt neutralizes manifestation. You would think Christian business owners would have a faith advantage.  But sometimes Christian’s faith in God doesn’t always translate into believing that God wants and will manifest things that are good, true, and beautiful  in their lives.

5. Be okay with not knowing how, but pay attention to what comes

Novice manifestators aren’t willing to let go of the reigns of control and they get in their own way of making their visions come alive.   Effective manifestators appreciate the journey and are in tune with and delight in even the smallest signs that their vision is coming true. They are removing the blinders to the ways God has already been manifesting in their lives. They build excitement and enthusiasm and momentum towards their goals rapidly.


Be teachable and courageous in opening up another tool God might be giving you to help you fulfill the unique mission ne has given you.

Christian Entrepreneurs  on Fire Biz & Life Tip:  If you are unfamiliar with the manifestation process, experiment with it on something very small, and  see if it might be another tool  you can use to reach your God-given potential.