Christina M. Weber

Christina Weber combines her experience and expertise in business, relationships, and Christ-centered spirituality to help Christian women entrepreneurs unpack the messages and patterns blocking them from abundance in their professional and personal lives. She is the founder and CEO of The Catholic Women’s Guide in 2011 and The Christian Women’s Guide in 2014.

With her degree in business marketing, Christina worked as a corporate sales account manager for a Fortune 500 company for five years. She then earned a Masters in family therapy and joined her father, a licensed psychologist, in a successful 22-year adventure as private practice colleagues.

Christina rapidly grew her in-demand, two-month waitlist therapy practice. Clients loved her faith, fidelity and the results she helped them attain.

Being bilingual, Christina’s practice became the go-to center for Spanish-speaking kids and families in the Wichita Metropolitan Area. Now Christina works to train associates for work with this growing population.

Christina is also a speaker and author of the books, “The Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships: 12 Supernatural Keys to Make Good Relationship Great and Improve Difficult Ones,” and “The Catholic Women’s Guide to Loving Your Husband More, Whether He’s a Prince or a Toad”.

Christina understands how unhelpful mindsets, success-killing patterns, relationships stresses and confusion around what it means to be a “good Christian” can complicate growing a business and having the life you want. She takes away the mystique of the “perfect Christian life” and offers her clients helpful antidotes and models strategies on how to overcome even the most difficult challenges.

In her proven 12-month Faith-based Revenue Boosting Boot Camp and Freedom Sessions coaching programs, Christina empowers clients to let go of personal baggage and distorted beliefs and begin to create the life they want by aligning all aspects of their business, spiritual, and personal life to God’s will.

With her signature GPS (God’s-will Planning System) she teaches her clients how to have confidence in their own ability to understand and know God’s will in their professional and personal life.

Christina has been married 22 years and has three beautiful children, the joys of her life and the “why” she does what she does.