5 Signs and Strategies When Working With Someone Who Doesn’t Have Their Stuff Together

frustrated-businesswoman We’ve all been there – delivering a sub-par product or service to our customers. Sometimes it’s due to overwhelm, ignorance, or growing faster than you can keep up with the business.

As Christians, we’re in the business of giving people a second chance. You know, the forgive and forget thing.

But if you’ve made a bad hire or had a disastrous contract work arrangement, you know there are some situations that go beyond just a learning curve or making a mistake here or there. If that’s the case, you’re likely dealing with someone who doesn’t have their “stuff” together.

Here are the five red flags the person you are dealing with doesn’t have their stuff together and what to do about it:

1. Lack of personal responsibility

People you don’t want to do business with won’t acknowledge when they make a mistake. Somehow they turn the situation back on you. You end up frustrated about whatever went wrong regarding the task they were supposed to do, but also irritated to the core because the person won’t acknowledge any wrongdoing.

STRATEGY: Look for virtue first before skills when hiring vendors, contract workers or employees. A person with virtue is teachable. A skilled person who knows it all and is a victim to every situation that isn’t working can take your business down if you don’t’ get a handle on it sooner rather than later.

2. You feel stressed when dealing with them

A good hire and a win-win outsourcing arrangement should relieve your stress, not create more.  A good employee should pay for him or herself within a month or two and you should be able to see the ROI on any outsourcing investment you make.  Often the person’s undone work on themselves and their business gets transferred to you when you work closely with them.

STRATEGY: Pay attention to your gut and cut your losses sooner rather than later. You are not in business to help someone work through personal issues. You are there to make a profit. Being stressed out hurts, not helps the value you are trying to offer your paying customers.

3. Foggy expectations

In these relationships you may have been sloppy in setting expectations around the work you want done or have done a poor job of following up with the task or project once you’ve assigned it. You may have slide into this business relationship or hire with someone you knew and been more casual than you normally would.

STRATEGY: It is never too late to have the “expectations talk”. Find out what this person expects from you and clarify what you expect of them. Own where you’ve fallen, but be direct about where reality is not meeting the expectations when it comes to their work. Set clear timelines of when things need to be done and to what standard. Be ready to make a move if you are not where you need to be by the time you’ve specified.

4. Boundary issues

Poor boundaries often accompany sub-par work, and people with happy customers and good reputations typically have great boundaries. Poor or non-existent boundaries or lack of boundaries are predictors of more problems to come.

STRATEGY: Set your own boundaries on what you will and will not tolerate. Communicate that and take decisive action quickly.

5. Bad results

Unfinished or sloppy work is also a clue of someone not having their stuff together.

STRATEGY: Compare the quality of the finished product with what you require. Be clear about any shortfalls. Take reasonable corrective action. If there still is no improvement, cut your losses and terminate the relationship as quickly as you can. No one likes the anxiety, stress, and negative pre-occupation that arises when someone you are trying to conduct business with simply is not up to the task. It is not “un-Christian” to be honest and take necessary actions.

Often it is because this person has been enabled or the business propped up that has perpetuated the problem for them. Your clarity may be the catalyst for the person to get genuine help in getting their “stuff” together for the future.


Christian Entrepreneur on Fire Biz and Life Tip: Even for Christian business owners, one of the primary purposes of having a business is to make a profit because that allows you to provide the best value for your customers, so don’t feel guilty about making needed changes to keep your business healthy and strong.


Do you and your business need a “wife” to be a success?

bride The Gay-Lesbian-Transgender thing is getting quite the buzz in my therapy practice and in the culture in general.  I don’t want anyone to panic when I let you all know that I will be getting a “wife” in the near future.

No, I’m not planning on any hormone therapy or having any kind of surgery to add body parts!

But, I’m a week away from finding my bride.

Last week, I got to spend some time with my branding gal JuliAnn Stitick.  I was literally salivating when she described her relationship with her personal assistant.

Her right hand lady helps her pack her bag for trips and her purse and brief case for her week.  She organizes her outfits for the week, helping her look “put-together” all the time.  She does her groceries, washes her car, prepares her bills, cuts her vegies for dinner, and take care of miscellaneous admin issues.

“Christina, you need a ‘wife’.”

I didn’t need persuading.

I knew I did. Discovering that there really is the perfect “bride” out there ready to make my life run smoothly so I can focus on growing my business and living in my genius make me ecstatic.

It actually turns me on! There needs to be chemistry in that important relationship!

I get excited thinking about getting some relief from the stranglehold of the mundane but necessary tasks in life that really are in the way of where I am and where I want to me.

So, does every entrepreneur need to get on match.com looking for their “wife” right away?

No, not really.

It’s time to get a “wife” when you have the fundamentals set up in your business –the right target market, team, products, funnel, and marketing channels.

Basically, when you know everything is about to bust wide open because you’ve effectively nailed it with an ideal customer that really wants you and a problem you can actually solve.  When you can taste the exact success you’ve been envisioning, before you dive in all the way, it’s time to court and find the wife, so your business and life runs smoothly as you up-level.

Christian Biz Owners on Fire Biz and Life Tip:  A good coach can help you know what you need when you need it in your business to optimize your success. I would love to help you determine that.  Schedule your GPS schedule session now.

5 Reasons You Might Be Repelling Money and Clients in Your Business

While many entrepreneurs find fulfilment having their own businesses, making a profit still is the determining of whether you have a viable business or just an expensive hobby.

Earning money and serving clients in a sound business model leads to profits. Many frustrated entrepreneurs don’t recognize they are repelling the very things that are the lifeblood of their success. This could be you if you:

woman dont want to see negative statistic

1. Don’t Know Your Numbers

 I know most entrepreneurs are not the bean counting type, but you must have a pulse on the return on investment in your business to make timely and accurate decisions. Looking honestly at where the income and expenses can create anxiety and fear, but what you don’t know can hurt you. At least monthly review of key financial statements – your profit and loss and balance sheet – will save you money and heartbreak in the end.  Thriving businesses make sure they have good systems in place; they are offering value to their ideal clients; and they are navigating a dynamic business climate on a daily basis. The review of your financials can help you diagnose where you might be going astray, so you can make course corrections quickly.

2. Aren’t Punctual

Entrepreneurial guru Dan Kennedy uses punctuality to rule out who he will and will not do business with and sees being on time as one of the most critical skills an entrepreneur can have. Punctuality sends the message that you can manage yourself, your business and your time. It gives potential clients the confidence that you have the bandwidth to be a trusted resource for them as well.

3. Market Before You Manage

Online  business development strategist Tracey Lawton touts the importance of “managing” before you “market”. When you engage in marketing blitz without the proper thought to who your idea client is, your business model, and how you will manage yourself, your clients and your business. You can drum up leads and even clients, losing them just as quickly by not delivering because your back office wasn’t ready for the business.

4. Have Conflicting Priorities

People who place a high value on doing God’s will and making relationships a top priority can often run into competing work and personal agendas with the old paradigm of ”just work harder and do more” business approaches. Taking the time upfront in the visioning process to clearly define your Holy Spirit-inspired vision, flush out any potential conflicts with other priorities, and letting your right brain  come up with creative, win-win ways to focus and achieve what you want, helps you identify and remove unconscious blocks that might be leading to FTI (failure to implement) what you say you want.

5. Unconscious Blocks

Limiting beliefs, in addition to conflicting priorities, can also be the culprit to the failure for you to attract the money and clients you want and need for a successful business enterprise. You may have underlying negative beliefs around the actual experience of being financially successful that need to be worked through. You may be putting yourself in a catch-22 situation where you link getting clients and revenue with high stress and feeling out of control in your life. 

Having clear objectives that you regularly monitor can tip you off that something deeper is in play that needs your attention.   If you would like some help getting rid of those blocks to earn more revenue and getting more clients, I invite you to invest in my GPS (God’s-will Planning Session) Strategy session. In it, I help you clearly identify your vision, any obstacles blocking your success, and strategies to help you move forward right away. To sign up for your session now go to http://talkwithchristina.com/

Christian Entrepreneurs Biz and Life Tip: Be a little one dimensional about seeing whether or not your business is profitable. This is a fantastic diagnostic tool that fosters your personal and professional growth as you identify and clear what is getting between you and your Holy Spirit-inspired vision.

5 Steps to Attracting Everything You Want in Your Biz and Personal Life

manifesting I’m captured by the buzz about “manifesting” your dreams, particularly when you see the results reaped by people who’ve mastered the process.

Manifesting is about bringing into being that which does not currently exist. It’s about having a vision that becomes a reality.

Manifesting isn’t some new age phenomena. The word manifesting or manifest is mentioned roughly 35 times in the Bible.

I’ve personally gotten full swing into manifesting my work and personal big picture vision. Some days I get so into it that I worry that I’m living in a fantasy world.

But manifesting isn’t so woo-woo. It really is about understanding how our brain and our emotions operate and working with them, not against them.

Our brain and our body are highly sophisticated instruments. Humanity uses such a small percentage of what our bodies and minds are actually capable of. The manifestation process begins to crack the code to our potential to create whatever it is in our personal and business life that God has put in our hearts.

If you want to start manifesting good in your life, start with these steps.

1. Know what you want

This can be a challenge for Christians or anyone who puts filters on what they think they should or shouldn’t want. If you are trying to manifest something different than what you really want, you lose the magic. You have to listen to your heart, but you can’t do so blindly.  As Christians, the more well formed and spiritually mature we are, the more what we want is in alignment with what God wants for us.  So often getting in tune with what you truly desire in your heart begins with growing in your faith life.

2. Attract what you want 

If what you really know is more about what you don’t want, the process back-fires as well.  To manifest you must have and be working towards a positive vision. To manifest what we want, we must oftentimes actually become what we want to manifest.  For example, if you want to manifest a certain kind of romantic partner, you must know what qualities that partner has and develop those yourself. Same thing with your business—if you want prosperity, you must have the habits of abundance.

3. Allow what you want

We’re in a culture that tells us to charge ahead and take action. But often the most powerful manifesting occurs when we simply get out of the way or remove obstacles and open ourselves up to what is ahead.

4. Believe it will come

Doubt neutralizes manifestation. You would think Christian business owners would have a faith advantage.  But sometimes Christian’s faith in God doesn’t always translate into believing that God wants and will manifest things that are good, true, and beautiful  in their lives.

5. Be okay with not knowing how, but pay attention to what comes

Novice manifestators aren’t willing to let go of the reigns of control and they get in their own way of making their visions come alive.   Effective manifestators appreciate the journey and are in tune with and delight in even the smallest signs that their vision is coming true. They are removing the blinders to the ways God has already been manifesting in their lives. They build excitement and enthusiasm and momentum towards their goals rapidly.


Be teachable and courageous in opening up another tool God might be giving you to help you fulfill the unique mission ne has given you.

Christian Entrepreneurs  on Fire Biz & Life Tip:  If you are unfamiliar with the manifestation process, experiment with it on something very small, and  see if it might be another tool  you can use to reach your God-given potential.

Is Your Life Or Business Headed for a Breakthrough or a Breakdown?

scared businesswoman OBGyn Christine Northrup, M.D adopts a non-traditional, holistic view of women’s health. She describes the different ways women can approach their menstrual cycles and the outcome – good or bad – that manifests when they reach menopause.

She believes that PMS symptoms are the natural way the mind, body, and soul connect and communicate. For optimal health, she invites us women to acknowledge and address what our bodies, mind and soul are telling us.

We experience heightened awareness in general the days and week before our period. She can either tune into what her body is telling her or ignore it. When invalidated, the body speaks louder with increasing unpleasant symptoms.

Each cycle where the woman does not learn and grow from the insights her body communicates becomes a lost opportunity. The more disconnected the woman is from herself during her menstrual cycle, the greater and more disruptive the mental, emotional, and spiritual eruption she will experience when she reaches menopause.

Instead of living many “breakthroughs” of evolution, her being rebels with a near total “breakdown” in her life, emotions and health.

Because we live with constant change, you go through a similar process in your life and business.

You are either “conscious” and discovering and adapting to every day. You attend to what you sense around you and what your intuition tells you to do about it. Or you let your “unconscious”, the flow of life, others and the culture drive where you go with you in the back seat.

How you manage the inevitable “resistance” along your journey determines whether you are headed for a “breakthrough” or a “breakdown”. Here are some clues that you might be missing on growth opportunities and are headed for a meltdown:

Resistance to Mentorship

You either have no mentor or you frequently and prematurely hop from one program or accountability partner to another. You never give the mentor-mentee relationship an opportunity to work, by sticking with them long enough to let them see your uglies and help you overcome them or you stand on the sidelines the entire time not allowing needed intimacy for greater self-awareness and growth.

Mismanagement of Emotions

People headed for breakdown are often unaware of the near constant low grade anxiety they carry with them almost all the time, because it is often covered with frenetic, less-than-fruitful activity. Breakthroughs come from learning to ride the waves of your emotions, combining them with your cognitive side, and letting them take you to the next level.

Distorted Relationship with Money

People moving towards breakthrough approach their relationship with money in a neutral way. It is one measurement of the value the world perceives that you are providing. They monitor it regularly and make needed course corrections. People headed for breakdown, on the other hand, ignore or exaggerate finances with a deep denial of how one’s money baggage blocks personal and professional abundance.

Imbalance Between Masculine and Feminine Energy

The flow towards breakthrough comes with finding and living in the proper mix between the feminine and masculine energy. Too much masculine energy leads to pushing, which ends up in overwhelm and frustration. Too much feminine energy has you whining about the status of your business and life eating ice cream out of the container with a spoon while in front of the television.

Traveling the path of big and small breakthroughs is how you manifest your dream business and personal life. Let God’s wisdom enlighten you on which path you are on and prudently take needed course corrections.

Christian Women Entrepreneur Biz and Life Tip:  The sooner you decide to influence change rather than let it control you and your life, the closer you become to the creation God intended you to be.