The Call to Selfishness

 When you took  that first decisive stride from the “mom land” to “mompreneur land”, your life changed.  You chose  to make time for both your home and business priorities.

And when there are inevitable clashes,  you may hear the whisper or the roar, “You’re being selfish!”

But the truth is you must be selfish—and assertive—to be successful in business and in life.  You must be selfish in a healthy way.

Women, particularly religious women, often shy away from pursuing higher goals because of the inevitable strain between home and work demands combined with perceived  limited resources. Consciously or unconsciously you may  believe going for or  acknowledging what you want leads to selfishness.

This fear of becoming “selfish” can be so big that many closet Catholic mompreneurs never “come out”.

But will your mom biz make you selfish?

Allison Sutton, a Life and Leadership Coach, says “no”.  She always begins her work with her clients by asking, “What do you want?”

If you know what you want and go for what you want, you may feel confused if that is  inconsistent with being Catholic. It may feel more like the world’s message to get what you want without  regard to how that affects others.

Because of Original Sin, we must be vigilant  about  putting our  desires ahead of  God’s will and the needs of others.

But a regular prayer and sacramental life  flushes out what is  healthy selfishness from  what is not healthy.

In digging deep to see if your fears of unhealthy selfishness are valid you must access the core DNA of who your Creator made you to be.

  • Don’t ignore the yearnings God gave you.

  • What you want deep inside sheds light into the  vision God has for your life.

  • Your inner wants are valuable clues to God’s mission  for you.

  • God designed your mission to bring others to him.

Your unique mission likely will have an eternally positive impact on those God puts in your path. For what other reason would He give you a mission?

Don’t conclude that paying attention to your inner voice and deepest desires and taking action to manifest them is wrong or selfish,.  You might be robbing from those  individuals God intended you to touch with your gifts?

Slinking back into the safe confines of your regular life may seem like the unselfish thing to do.  But trail blazing by facing and overcoming  the  challenges  of  putting yourself out there might be one of the most unselfish things you do.

The Catholic Mompreneur’s Life and Biz Tip:  Not every mom is called  to own a business, but if something is tugging you at your core, take the next step to discern that call.

Christina Weber helps Catholic mompreneurs fully engage the power of their calling, earn more in less time, and get back to enjoying their families. If you need help, schedule a complimentary “Getting It Done” session with Christina here.