Chivalry for Children (Part 1)

In my previous blog I mentioned the Boys Scouts Blue and Gold Banquet we attended last weekend for our son who was crossing over from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts. To go along with the Medieval theme, organizers had a group called Chivalry for Children ™ do a presentation for these kids called “The Virtues of a Knight”. The kids were fascinated by the presentation and the content was educational for all.

Growing in virtue is the heart of being a Catholic.

To grow in virtue, we must first acknowledge that we need to grow in virtue. Then, even as adults, we must continually deepen our understanding of what the virtues are and how to live a virtuous life. Virtue attracts virtue. By gravitating towards what is beautiful, true, and free we will be able to emulate the virtue alive in those around us.

The first knightly virtue is “honesty”. The actor dressed in medieval garb explained the importance of being honest to those above him. He said that if he only tells his queen what he thinks she wants to hear about the status of a battle, instead of the truth, he can put the entire success of the operation in peril. Not to mention he would lose the confidence of the queen in the future.

Similarly if this man is dishonest with those men who report to him, he will lose their trust. He is to be a leader and without honestly those under him will be unwilling to follow.

But most importantly a man must be honest with himself or he will be blind and ineffective.

The second knightly virtue is “courtesy”. The actors taught the group the proper way to courtesy and bow. The speaker explained the prudence of showing great respect to everyone during an era when a misunderstanding could result in severe bodily harm should you be taken the wrong way.

The actor selected a young boy and girl to come up to the stage and wear the crowns that were for the king and queen. When he took off the crowns he asked what was now different. He answered, absolutely nothing.

You are to treat everyone with equal dignity as if they were the king and queen.

Tune in next time to hear some other knightly virtues.

Catholic Women’s Guide for Healthy Relationships Tip: Take one step to become a little more active about trying to grow in virtue with yourself or your family.