Consecration to Mary: Just for Super Duper Catholics? (Part 4)

I was detoxing from my control withdrawal after I gave Mary all the merits of my prayers and sufferings as part of my consecration to Jesus through Mary. I started getting into the groove of turning everything over to Mary: the cranky husband, emerging girl social issues with my daughter, money concerns, and the new flood of hormones in our 6th-grade son with his periodic disrespectful attitude. With every thought, feeling, or concern, I would immediately visualize putting whatever it is in the palm of Mary’s hand.

But it didn’t feel like I was throwing it away in a big black hole anymore. It kind of felt like I was dropping it on a pillow. The more I did it, the more that pillow started to look like a nurturing bed at a fancy spa with warm cotton sheets and a rose waiting on the untucked bed.

Okay maybe I’ve heard the Guadalupe story one too many times. But there was a definite feminine aura to it. It was nurturing like coming home to mom’s chocolate chip cookies and undivided attention to hear about your day.

Mary seemed to be saying, “Christina, just relax. I’ve got it covered”.

Intellectually, the reasoning behind giving everything to Mary made sense. Saint Maximilian Kolbe explains that because of the Immaculate Conception of Mary being conceived without sin, she is the only creature who can perfectly do the will of God. And by aligning myself and my merits with her, she makes my imperfect attempt to do God’s will perfect. And I do know the more I do God’s will the happier I will be.

Now that’s pretty cool!

Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip: Don’t fear the next step in your spiritual life. Embrace it confidently.