The ABCs of Becoming a Mompreneur” (Part 1)

Surprised woman When God genetically implants you with entrepreneurial DNA, even motherhood can’t flush it out. But not having a clue where to start frustrates many moms burning with the mom biz itch.

Prudently pressing forward while listening and following sound, Godly guidance prevents your journey to mom-biz ownership from being a bumpy one. Here is the first of two parts on the ABCs of how to become a mompreneur:

A – Acknowledge What You Want

Are you looking for financial wiggle room, just want to break even, or to be a bigger financial contributor to the family? Do you want a flexible, family-friendly schedule? How critical is having a profession that resonates with your deeper life mission for you? Or is it deeper personal fulfillment you desire, that despite loving being a mom, you sense God’s call to have a greater impact on the world through entrepreneurship?

When you can be honest about what you want, it helps you find the best fit among the various mom biz options. Don’t worry whether your answer might sound good to others. You have to be gut honest here to lay out the best path for your business and family life.

B – Be Honest About Your “Why”

The “why” precedes “what”. For example, I “want” financial wiggle room with my mom biz to afford the activities for my kids that I believe will help prepare them for life and fully integrating in the world without being of the world. Or, I “want” a flexible family schedule because I’m concerned the about the culture’s direction and I want to be able to supervise and guide my children even as they get older to ensure they continue to walk with God despite all the temptations while collaborating with my spouse to meet the family budgetary needs.

The bigger and clearer you are about your “why”, the more strength you will have to successfully overcome the challenges of implementing your vision.

C – Count Your Talents

Past jobs, volunteer work, personal interests—these will all give you insight into your unique gifts. Knowing yourself and selecting a mom biz that augments your talents will make the visibility and work, much, much easier. Being exactly who you are rather than forcing something else, gives you energy rather than drains you of it; energy you will need for the work in your business.

D –Do Your Research

With some self-analysis under your belt and a little bit of mompreneur exploration, you are ready to

  • explore opportunities,
  • know what is already being done,
  • find different options for running a business,
  • know who is already doing what you are considering doing.

You can talk to people, read, check out the Internet, and take classes to start getting ideas. But eventually you will need an advisor you trust. If you don’t seek or vet a guide, you’ll end up piecing together conflicting recommendations and wasting time applying strategies that don’t take into account your unique needs and situation. Acting on feedback from mentors not well suited to your beliefs and goals steers you in the wrong direction that won’t feel right or jive with your lifestyle. At this point, I recommend you investigate and eventually hire a professional mentor or coach.

It’s often a frightening proposition for a fledging momprenuer to invest in a coach with no revenue yet coming in from their business. But, seasoned successful entrepreneurs consistently advocate that investment in a good coach should be on the top of your spending priority lists for a new and beginning business owner.

Your confidence here separates the wheat from the chaff. A good mompreneur coach can guide you on family-friendly ways to help you generate income for the initial start-up of your business. But it’s ultimately up to you to take than initial leap of faith of the investment in yourself and your business as God’s plan unfolds for you.

Tune in next week for the rest of the ABCs of Becoming a Momprenuer.

The Catholic Mompreneur’s Guide to Biz and Life Tip: The difference between reaching your dream and just dreaming about it is following the path of inspired action. Ask the Holy Spirit what your next step is and to give you the courage to take it.

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