Is Your Life Or Business Headed for a Breakthrough or a Breakdown?

scared businesswoman OBGyn Christine Northrup, M.D adopts a non-traditional, holistic view of women’s health. She describes the different ways women can approach their menstrual cycles and the outcome – good or bad – that manifests when they reach menopause.

She believes that PMS symptoms are the natural way the mind, body, and soul connect and communicate. For optimal health, she invites us women to acknowledge and address what our bodies, mind and soul are telling us.

We experience heightened awareness in general the days and week before our period. She can either tune into what her body is telling her or ignore it. When invalidated, the body speaks louder with increasing unpleasant symptoms.

Each cycle where the woman does not learn and grow from the insights her body communicates becomes a lost opportunity. The more disconnected the woman is from herself during her menstrual cycle, the greater and more disruptive the mental, emotional, and spiritual eruption she will experience when she reaches menopause.

Instead of living many “breakthroughs” of evolution, her being rebels with a near total “breakdown” in her life, emotions and health.

Because we live with constant change, you go through a similar process in your life and business.

You are either “conscious” and discovering and adapting to every day. You attend to what you sense around you and what your intuition tells you to do about it. Or you let your “unconscious”, the flow of life, others and the culture drive where you go with you in the back seat.

How you manage the inevitable “resistance” along your journey determines whether you are headed for a “breakthrough” or a “breakdown”. Here are some clues that you might be missing on growth opportunities and are headed for a meltdown:

Resistance to Mentorship

You either have no mentor or you frequently and prematurely hop from one program or accountability partner to another. You never give the mentor-mentee relationship an opportunity to work, by sticking with them long enough to let them see your uglies and help you overcome them or you stand on the sidelines the entire time not allowing needed intimacy for greater self-awareness and growth.

Mismanagement of Emotions

People headed for breakdown are often unaware of the near constant low grade anxiety they carry with them almost all the time, because it is often covered with frenetic, less-than-fruitful activity. Breakthroughs come from learning to ride the waves of your emotions, combining them with your cognitive side, and letting them take you to the next level.

Distorted Relationship with Money

People moving towards breakthrough approach their relationship with money in a neutral way. It is one measurement of the value the world perceives that you are providing. They monitor it regularly and make needed course corrections. People headed for breakdown, on the other hand, ignore or exaggerate finances with a deep denial of how one’s money baggage blocks personal and professional abundance.

Imbalance Between Masculine and Feminine Energy

The flow towards breakthrough comes with finding and living in the proper mix between the feminine and masculine energy. Too much masculine energy leads to pushing, which ends up in overwhelm and frustration. Too much feminine energy has you whining about the status of your business and life eating ice cream out of the container with a spoon while in front of the television.

Traveling the path of big and small breakthroughs is how you manifest your dream business and personal life. Let God’s wisdom enlighten you on which path you are on and prudently take needed course corrections.

Christian Women Entrepreneur Biz and Life Tip:  The sooner you decide to influence change rather than let it control you and your life, the closer you become to the creation God intended you to be.