The Mompreneur’s Twist to Working “On” Your Business

Smiling woman near closetFor quality control I’ve been my own student in my own “Faith Based Revenue Boosting Program”.  It is odd that something I’ve written created such epiphanies when applying it.

An early mentor stressed scheduling time weekly to both work “in” and “on” your business.

Seeing clients, marketing, team meetings, and day-to-day implementation constitute working “in” your business.

Working “on” your business includes planning, strategizing, reviewing, and creating productivity-enhancing systems.

Friday mornings I worked “on” my business.

But when I heard Alishia Willardson, Peak Power Coach, shared her peak personal power secrets, I knew I had to include her system in my routine. Finding time for her suggested daily power hour of reading, inspiration reading, and motivation gradually became a guarded segment of my day.

Alishia’s recommended weekly 3-4 hour date with yourself proved a little trickier to work in. After indulging in several Power Date weeks and seeing the improvements in my clarity, creativity, and confidence, I determined to incorporate it.

I bounced my Fridays of working “on” my business and my peak power date. I even tried to blend the two, which didn’t give me the satisfaction of either.

My conflicting priorities confounded when another mentor I respect made a compelling case in the connection between success and productivity and a well-ordered work and home environment.  This wasn’t new to me. My experience with personal organizers proved this true.

After the funds dried up for the professionals, I haphazardly implemented the plans to finish my home organizing. But with time clutter grew like moss on a brick wall. I ignored the disorder and undone projects until they were invisible. But they still weighed me down unconsciously.

Your outside environment reflects your insides.

I was growing. The chaos clashed with my internal order. I knew I needed to tackle those projects in time blocks. But when was I going to do that?

So, I followed my directive I read in my Faith Based Revenue Boosting Bootcamp:  identify the weekly time blocks you will devote to completing  business and personal projects.

By sitting still, thinking creatively, and listening, I discovered I did have three weekly blocks of time to assign to work projects, personal projects, and peak personal power time. They varied in length from 2-3 ½ hours. I would be flexible each week about which activity to allocate for which time

The time existed!

Coaches help you see past your blind spots and allow you to be unstoppable pursuing your vision. It worked even when I was mentoring myself.

Catholic Mompreneur Biz and Life Tip:  Getting what you need to be successful in your work and personal life is a journey that requires your action.

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Playing Up

Our family has attended all 13 of the Mid-west Family Catholic Conferences in Wichita each August. With each succeeding year our attendance has segued from a nice-to-attend to an essential component of our annual spiritual sustenance. This year was no different with speakers that illuminated more ways to live authentically Catholic lives.

The gems of wisdom ran a gamut of topics. Chris Horn, former NFL player, guided us on ways to have healthier attitudes about money. Marcus Grodi broke the Beatitudes into understandable activities for the serious Catholic to employ. Steven Ray advanced strategies for living in a pagan culture. The people at the Covenant Eyes, Inc. vendor validated my personal concerns about the effects of the media and Internet on our kids with solid statistics and facts and promoted a sound solution to the problem. Dr. Peter and Chantal Howard advocated the value of creating a Catholic rule.

The conference attendance had grown this year by a third. I saw a few more local faces, but have always been puzzled why more people from Wichita didn’t attend. I now think I know why.

I left the weekend inspired, but also aware of many things in our spiritual life—our marriage and family, our parenting, and how we interact with the world that needs some work. I can feel pretty good about those things when I am surrounded by people who are even less in sync with their Catholic faith on all of those areas.

But when we put ourselves around those who have a stronger Catholic identity, what we are doing is playing up. You get better in tennis when you play with better players. Just like you become a stronger Catholic when you learn from those who are stronger than you.

So in the next several blogs I’ll share what I’ve learned from my Catholic brothers and sisters who are further down the path than I am.

Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip: Gravitate towards people and experiences that will challenge you to grow, not make you feel uncomfortable about where you are.

The Chain of Optimism (Part 3)

The actual moment was worse than my psyche would allow me to comprehend while sitting in my pastor’s office. There for the meeting with him and the principal about having the Kids for Jesus (K4J) School of Virtue at our school, I had my youngest two kids with me after picking them up from half day school.

I take my kids everywhere and normally they are well-behaved. But that day they were literally flying across the tiny room as I was making my pitch for the virtue program. (It has really helped me and my kids so much…really.) I was kicking myself for not having brought them a snack or crayons and a coloring book. They were loud, disobedient, and disrespectful. It did not help that my pastor was a high-brow intellectual who was uncomfortable with children.

Yes, I was quite the ambassador for K4J that day! So to hear the we’ll-study-that-more-over-the-next-several-years-and-get-back-with-you did not come as a complete surprise.

Fast-forward to a room filled with two-thirds of the 28 parent volunteers learning their role as K4J room parents adn host families in implementing the K4J School of Virtue. Although a bit overwhelmed with absorbing the program, you could tell they were intrigued. As I looked at the audience, I felt in awe that I was in a modern-day loaves and fishes miracle. God took our tight core of five families and just multiplied us by six.

So how did we get from point “A” to point “B”? Well the first pastor didn’t have time to finish his study before he was transferred to another parish. Building on the chain of optimism rather than get discouraged by perceived rejection, I set a meeting with the new pastor to introduce myself and my apostolate, K4J. After explaining how K4J helps form young souls and get kids excited about their faith, I asked him how this fits with his vision for the parish.

And he said, “It fits exactly”.

And the rest is history.

Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip: Be yourself and never let discouragement or negativity stop you from letting God use you as His instrument.

Consecration to Mary: Just for Super Duper Catholics? (Part 3)

Shortly after my first test in my journey of consecrating myself to Jesus through Mary, I received my second test, which pertained to my husband.

When he’s on his game, there are so many things I adore about my husband. His intellectual wit often leaves me belly laughing. He has a precision-sharp tongue and a way with words that makes even a dull topic seem colorful. Similar to what I observed the first day I laid eyes on him at a church picnic, I cherish the interest, engagement, and tenderness he gives our children. I find his deep commitment and understanding of his faith sexy. His striving to be a healthy person and his passion for me make him attractive to me.

Unfortunately, the level of positive benefits I experience because of my husband’s good qualities are matched in intensity on the negative side when he is in a dark space. His wit changes to humorlessness: he takes even innocuous things I say personally. The precision tongue turns into a scalpel, leaving me feeling like I am in an intense legal deposition with a hostile opposing attorney for extended periods of time. Instead of a promise keeper to me and the kids, he transforms into a promise breaker and an excuse maker. The sexy, deep spirituality morphs into a power hose spraying me and anything else in his path with negative energy. The passion for me converts into relentlessly unresolved conflict and pervasive disharmony.

My husband claims this is part of his being a Scorpio.

Frankly, it’s a wife’s biggest nightmare. When this dark period lasts a long time it makes single motherhood look like a viable and attractive lifestyle option.

We recently experienced an extended period of “darkness” as the drama I described in my “Driven to Drink” series. When a person who typically goes to confession every two weeks hasn’t gone for 13, it is noticeable.

But over the years I have found a secret weapon. It is better than anything I have learned in all of my training and 18 years experience as a marriage and family therapist.

It is intense, targeted prayer.

Once I realize my spouse is in this funk, I turn on the prayer machine (if I were a better wife I would be praying more steadily for my spouse all the time). I throw the mass intentions, the rosaries, and every prayer in between at him. Like clockwork within a few days, Mr. Jekyll goes back to his cage and the endearing Mr. Hyde reappears. And he doesn’t even know what hit him.

So, right as I was ready to implement the winning protocol and get some relief, I heard a little voice saying, “Not so fast, Mrs. Weber…Aren’t you forgetting something?”


“Your consecration to Mary. Remember, you gave Mary all the merits to all your spiritual activities.”

I felt like a master marksman with a gun in one hand and a pack of bullets in the other, but unable to fire. Why is it that I only realized how effective my prayers have been seven days after I gave the merits of them away permanently?

After tensing up my muscles and taking a breath, I acquiesce to surrendering what power I thought I had. I visualized putting my cranky husband in the palm of Mary’s hand. But, honestly, it still felt a bit like dropping him and the problem into a black hole in outer space.

But, as I continued my retreat, I noticed a shift in myself. Tune in next time to see what was up Mary’s sleeve.

Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip: Pray for your husband or a man important to you every day.

Consecration to Mary: Just for Super Duper Catholics? (Part 2)

I did a double take when on day 4 of my Marian consecration, Father Gaitley outlined one of the four ways we are to “give ourselves entirely to Our Lady, in order to belong entirely to Jesus through her”. He described that we are to give “our interior and spiritual goods, which are our merits and our virtues, and our good works, past, present, and future”. The idea is that Mary can take all of our sufferings, petitions, and merits, and augment their value exponentially. The seeds of that concept kind of registered upon reading, but didn’t sink in until I was put to my first test.

My husband and I went on a date that Saturday night. As usual when getting ready for bed, I took off my wedding ring and put it in my armoire. We woke up to a hectic morning with my spouse and son packing and getting ready to leave for a week at Boy Scout camp. When they finally left and the dust settled, I showered and got ready to take our two little ones to mass.

My wedding ring has a past. My husband’s grandmother gave all of her grandsons a very nice wedding ring setting. She wanted her grandsons to have a nice ring to give their fiancées at a time in their lives when typically money is on short supply. Prior to marrying me, my husband had been engaged to another woman. His fiancée took the ring and had it reset and redesigned. When they broke off their engagement, his former girlfriend returned the ring. On the night Joe proposed to me he presented the ring and shared the history, offering to have it reset / redesigned if I would like. While it wasn’t the ring I would have chosen, I was happy with it and joyfully accepted it with no changes.

When putting on my jewelry prior to heading out the door, I was shocked to see that the large diamond in the middle of my wedding ring was gone with two of the arms holding it together broken off. Just a few weeks shy of celebrating twenty years of marriage, I was surprised I had not damaged or lost it prior to this, considering how clumsy and spacey I can sometimes be. My natural inclination was to pull out the “A Team” with prayers to St. Jude and St. Anthony, offer masses and rosaries and use the persistent-widow-petitioning-the-judge approach to give Jesus the full court press with the intention of finding my diamond, as prayer had been incredibly effective for me in finding lost goods.

But then I remembered my consecration promise….I give Mary all the merits of every spiritual good. Meaning those things are no longer mine to offer; I have given them to Mary to do with as she sees best.

You mean I can’t even pray that God help me find the diamond of my wedding ring? Yes. But I can give everything to Mary and let her handle it.

Yikes! For a control freak like me, this really made my skin crawl–and it still does. I wanted to take back my promise, but eventually surrendered to the process. My wedding ring is in Mary’s hands. Now I get to trust.

Tune in next time, because as soon as I surrendered this, God gave me another test.

Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip: Take a step today out of your spiritual comfort zone.


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