Too Busy…Pray More

Other than corporate prayer and song, the only silence break in a weekend silent Ignatian Spiritual Retreat is when speaking to the priest during spiritual direction.  After counseling thousands of Catholic women, these priests have mastered the skills of giving targeted spiritual direction in a short period of time, particularly when the directee is well-prepared for the session.

I highlighted my strengths and weaknesses  in adhering to my “program of life”,  describing the victories and challenges about being a better wife, mother, friend, coach, writer, Christian witness, etc.  After listening intently, the priest provided his guidance.  I was surprised that I wasn’t rattled by the priest’s next words:  when you have an activie life of apostolate (following and serving God and others) you must pray more.

I had heard it before—too busy, pray more— but it was never spoken to me. My prayer life is stronger than average.  Yet, I knew exactly what my spiritual director meant.  I knew he was right to prescribe a ramped up prayer routine.  I knew that was exactly what I needed to serve the Lord and my family without feeling resentful and depleted.

I walked away with trust (and I wish I could say without doubts or fears) that God would show me exactly how to get it done.  But someone else planned to show me something first, as you will see in my next blog.

The Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip:  Don’t be afraid about what God asks you to do.  He always gives you the grace to do it.