Are you ready to eliminate the beliefs and patterns that hinder you from prospering in your business, while you embrace the various roles in your life with grace?

Make the transformational commitment to yourself, God, your family, and your business by applying to work with Christina.

In your business, family, and faith life, success is about knowing what to do and doing it well.


As a Christian woman entrepreneur, using your talents as a successful female business owner does more than just provide you and your family with financial resources and flexible schedules. You are allowing God to use you to build His kingdom. Rich family relationships, a strong faith life, and a genuine concern for our neighbor are not distractions, but integral parts of genuine achievement. Christina’s personal mentorship supports you into reaching your Holy Spirit-inspired vision, earn more in less time, while joyfully living the various roles in your life.

Why delay living the freedom, flexibility, and peace (not to mention the great results) that come when you know your actions are in full alignment with God’s will for your life?

Option 1 to work with Christina: “Freedom Sessions”

(Great for both devout Christian men and women!)

Individual Twelve-Month Customized Coaching Program for Christ-centered, Goal-Customized Achievement, where you will:

  • Have the opportunity to create a laser focused action plan to achieve your business /ministry, relationship, and life vision.
  • Enter into an accountability relationship that propels you to reach your vision (or even better) in less time and with more efficient effort.
  • Acquire skills for success that lead to accomplishments that are congruent with your values and faith life even when working in a secular environment.
  • Walk through your most challenging issues in the coaching process, as you learn the process you can independently apply to work through future challenges.
  • Have fewer disruptions to your business and work life with convenient phone coaching sessions that give you the accountability and direction you need to meet your goals with minimal time commitments.

Freedom Sessions include:

  1. Following Christina’s Holy Spirit Inspired Vision Achievement Process to Achieve your personal and professional vision.
  2. Learning Christian’s GPS (God’s-will Planning System) to learn how to have confidence in your own ability to understand and know God’s will in your professional and personal life.
  3. Two monthly 25-minute coaching sessions for accountability and strategy action identification and implementation.
  4. 24/7 email access to Christina when you want additional feedback that will help keep your business moving instead of stagnating due to indecision.
  5. Personalized written feedback and assignments after each session to help motivate you and inspire you to keep moving forward on even difficult tasks.
  6. Complementary membership to Christina’s Christian Women in Business Course.

Option 2 to work with Christina: “Faith-Based Revenue Boosting Boot Camp”

For some clients the more structured 12-month group “Faith-based Revenue Boosting Boot Camp” better fit their needs. This program walks you through a comprehensive process that allows you to create a solid foundation for discerning, developing, and / growing your Holy Spirit inspired business or ministry.

In the Faith-based Revenue Boosting Boot Camp 12-month group, you will assess and develop critical skills around:

  • Seamless faith-integration into all areas of your personal and business life,
  • Discerning and creating your Holy Spirit inspired vision,
  • Developing an abundance mindset
  • Incorporating mindfulness at work and home for better connections and results.
  • Celebrating authentic femininity
  • Handling overwhelm
  • Utilizing a strengths-based approach to earn more in less time
  • Mastering time at home and work for Christ-centered goal achievement with low stress
  • Success-based scheduling so you give attention to what is most important you.
  • Overcoming obstacles and discouragement
  • Assimilate and celebrate progress towards your Christ-centered goals.

As a bonus, Christina will train you in her signature GPS (God’s-will Planning System) to learn how to have confidence in your own ability to understand and know God’s will in your professional and personal life.

As a double bonus, you receive membership in Christina’s Christian Women in Business Course.

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Option 3 to work with Christina in the affordable Christina’s Christian Women in Business Course

Christina’s Christian Women in Business Course is perfect for aspiring or existing Christian women entrepreneurs who have more questions than money and would benefit from access and direction to help them move forward in their discernment or business growth process.

For just $10 per month, you receive:

  • Get guidance on your most pressing questions as an aspiring or existing business or ministry owner
  • Get specific answers on what to focus first rather than pursue endless free resources trying to piece things together.
  • Discover and be inspired by how other Christian women entrepreneurs successfully juggle
  • Learn the steps on how to earn more in less time

To see if any of these Christian Women’s Guide Programs are a good fit for you and your business, fill out either the short or long-form pre-consultation survey below before you schedule a complimentary “Time / Money / Divine Clarity Booster Sessions” with Christina.

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